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What we learned at the museum this summer

Twin sisters Jasmine and Morgan volunteered to help work with the collection and move this summer. Part of their assignment was to write a "What I did for summer vacation" report. They were enthusiastic, but have not decided to change their career plans. Morgan plans to be a Chef when she grows up and Jasmine plans to be a Veterinarian.

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It's a lot of boxes! The first day we moved 180 - and then we stopped counting

Moving a museum collection isn’t like moving a house full of things. According to Movers.com the average 3 bedroom household requires an average of 75 to 90 boxes. Lindsay Ault, Haney’s Registrar of Collections packed the first room - the rolling shelving room. Lindsay filled 180 boxes, double the maximum needed to move the average home. This is the collection’s second move in 28 years. I was there for the first and the artefact and archival collections have grown. In 1990...

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Acknowledging an unceded territory

The monthly board meeting was scheduled for June 19th, but when Irene LaBoucane, District Principal of Indigenous Education for School District 83, Mishel Quaal, and Digital Media Instructor Brent Chudiak came out to view the Montebello they had a proposal for a rental on the same day. Susan agreed to take on another event. The School Board needed a space to hang the Knowledge Keepers, to honour the participants in the exhibit, and for a celebration with the four area bands – Neskonlith,...

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