Surely you’ve witnessed the buzz of activity that characterizes our days, May through September, at R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum. There are lively conversations, tours, kids running on the grass, warm lunches and iced tea, questions, laughter. It’s why you continue to come back time and again.

So what happens September through May? Though the Village and Sprig of Heather restaurant may be closed, there is plenty of work being done, albeit quieter work. The kind of work that helps sustain and make this intricate and exciting place run smoothly. The kind of work that allows for, and at times demands, reflection on the importance of community museums and the imperative of community support that is so abundant in Salmon Arm.



Community museums stand as vital custodians of our shared history, serving as repositories that safeguard and share the artifacts, narratives, and cultural treasures that define a diverse community. As guardians of our collective memory, these institutions play a crucial role in ensuring that the past remains a tangible and accessible resource for future generations.



Indeed, community museums transcend their role as static repositories by becoming vibrant spaces for dialogue and understanding. By presenting multiple viewpoints on historical events, these institutions encourage open conversations that broaden perspectives and foster empathy. Through this exchange of ideas, museums become catalysts for unity, contributing to the formation of strong, resilient communities that can collectively navigate challenges and shape a harmonious future.



Just a wee bit of this kind of foundational work going on behind the scenes while the Village is blanketed with snow. In these quieter times we also reflect on the forces that make our work possible. Members, volunteers, donors and funders, community partners, and visitors. It truly does take a village to run a Village.

Remember that you don’t have to wait until May to see us; the Montebello Gallery as well as the Archives are open every Wednesday and Thursday from 10-4 from September through May.


Happy holidays to you and yours!


Photos: Rotary Community Clean Up, School District 83 Pro-D Day presentation by Gerry Thomas, cnewelc: Follow a Trail exhibition opening, Salmon Arm Museum and Heritage Association 60th Anniversary.