Erin Stodola

Big shoes to fill

Sometimes when I walk through the shelves of the collections storage, on a hunt for something specific, a something else catches my eye and I’m drawn in to investigate. This time I was looking for cricket gear. I had come across two silk sashes that Victor Nancollas had used as belts while he was playing cricket in England and then in Salmon Arm. One yellow and one fuchsia, they seem too nice to have been used as a belt playing sports but what do I know about cricket? Sashes in hand, I...

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The Everyday Art of Quilts

Erin Stodola, the Registrar of Collections, was given the job of designing a special rack to store the museum's quilt collection. She did an outstanding job!

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The Salmon Arm Observer Receives a Home Makeover

Erin Stoloda joined the collections management team at R.J. Haney Heritage Village & Museum this spring and was immediately assigned the newspaper project. We had no idea there was a family connection to this project . . .

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