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We should have built an ark!

There was no end to the excitement caused when a 2 year old pressure valve failed in the Montebello's mechanical room. The four inch drain and the curator couldn't cope. Cathy English, Curator at the Revelstoke City Museum had some sage words.

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February 2019: Caring for the collection

The men and women who work on the ground floor of the Montebello Building are wonderful. They do the real work of caring for the collection and making it available to the public. When Nancy Tait began volunteering last February, I did my crash course on processing a new collection with her. I used the language that I had used for decades. I pulled out Chenhall’s Book of Nomenclature. Then I made a confession. My colleagues don’t catalogue new artefacts. They accession them.

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January 2019: A letter to our funders

Lise Ouimet writes about her new work station in the Ernie Doe Archives Room. The workroom is at ground level, spacious, and open for business!

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