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Creating a piece of history

"Meet me at the Club" was the Demers and Tillman Pool Hall and Barbershop advertisement in the Salmon Arm Observer in 1913. The Club is the latest exhibit at R.J. Haney Heritage Village. We have accomplished quite a lot this year. . .

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Hector Wilson - who are you and why is your name on the Salmon Arm Cenotaph?

Hector Wilson's name is etched in stone on the Salmon Arm Centotaph. Why? He wasn't a long term resident. Archives researcher Don Paterson helped solve the local mystery by connecting to Cindy Kilpatrick, Hector's Great Niece. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Hector's story begins in Port of Spain, Trinidad and ends in France. . .

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The Herald Family

When Nina Mecuri contacted the archives about a piece she was working on, it was more than timely. She was interested in the Herald family and the history of the Provincial Park named for them on Shuswap Lake. By happpenstance a collection of letters to the Herald family had made their way to the archives room the year before. This spring I was able to address the backlog. . .

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