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After the flood. . .

Things on the first floor of the Montebello building are getting back to normal. Soon it will be business as usual, thanks to contractors and several super volunteers.

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My Dream Job - Registrar of Collections

For three months I had the privilege of basically working my dream job. I know sometimes when people get this opportunity, they discover that what they thought was their dream job is the furthest thing from it. Thankfully, that is not how my experience ended. Everything that I got to do, see, touch, and experience, not to mention the people that I met, solidified my dream job as something that I could definitely see myself enjoying as a lifetime career. While I did have some idea of what I...

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We should have built an ark!

There was no end to the excitement caused when a 2 year old pressure valve failed in the Montebello's mechanical room. The four inch drain and the curator couldn't cope. Cathy English, Curator at the Revelstoke City Museum had some sage words.

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