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Your autograph please!

Several watercolour and ink drawings were found in an autograph book belonging to Ivy Fathers who married George McEwen in 1929.

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Artefact comes home!

The nicest thing happened by chance in February. Archives volunteer Lise Ouimet had an appointment in Vernon. She was there over meal time, so stopped at Denny’s. There was an omelette on the menu that Lise liked. Lise must have been her usual chatty self. Her server, Laura, mentioned that she grew up in Salmon Arm. Lise mentioned that she worked at the Museum at R.J. Haney Heritage Village. Laura was up for a conversation. She used to live in Haney House before it was taken over by...

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Photo collection

Driving School? What were these young people doing? Image courtesy the Observer collection, Salmon Arm Museum at R.J. Haney Heritage Village.

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