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Sometimes it is the little things

Sometimes the smallest things connect. In between other projects, volunteer Lise Ouimet and I have been going through the archival collection, making the Word documents that summarize each Fonds   more uniform in preparation for a new database. 1.   We have the physical care of our collection under control. The paper and sound recording are in a state of the art storage facility with geothermal heat, LED lighting, computerized humidity controls, water sensors, and a...

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Springtime in the Shuswap

Spring is when everyone starts to stir. After many long months of hibernating in our homes, we finally begin to poke our heads out and wonder what might be beyond these four walls we’ve seen for so long. The snow is almost, but not entirely, gone here at the park. This was my first Shuswap winter, having spent the rest in the South Okanagan, Switzerland, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. I’ve been around, I guess you could say. Every year, in every place, I anticipate the re-coming...

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Inclusivity - this year's theme for Heritage Week

This year the theme of Heritage Week is inclusivity. The topic has this curator deep in thought about how “white bread” a teenager once called me.

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