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A journal comes home!

When a new archival donation arrives, we all get excited - - especially if it connects to other collections in the archives. This package was like an unexpected Christmas present!

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Transcribing Uncle's diaries

Hjalmar Peterson wanted to donate his diaries to the museum at R.J. Haney Heritage Village. He was a board member and knew how much they would be appreciated by the archivist. They were his personal record of community and family life. Hjalmar's neice Janet Hanna accepted the job of reading and transcribing the diaries. She started in January. When the pandemic hit Janet found herself with a little more time to dedicate tot he project. . .

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Learning to read upside-down!

We can hardly wait to show you this new diorama! Thanks to the "boys" at Hucul Printing, the Observer's 1913 printing press will be operating soon. . .

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