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The Mysterious Mr. Harper

Retired M.D. Don Paterson likes to help the archives out by doing research remotely. He recently looked into the life and times of Salmon Arm resident Henry Arthur Harper who also went by Arthur Henry Harper when it suited him. Ancestry.ca provided some of the answers. . .

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My COVID Summer

Most summers we have a student. He or she learns about what goes on behind the scenes of the museum. They all receive a well rounded introduction - working in the archives, managing the artefact collection, and helping to install displays. Some years we even move the collection! This summer was no exception. Our student Bethany also learned all about our new safety protocols and kept her bathroom spotless!

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Sprig of Heather

The location of the first Sprig of Heather was a mystery. The Salmon Arm Observer reported it was in the Ashton Cottage. Back in 1910, locals called all one storey houses "cottages," but where was this cottage located? It had to be central to other businesses. . .

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