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A new discovery!

Every once in a while new information comes to light and we work very hard to set the record straight! This happened when the browsing through the digital images for another project.

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Spanish 'Flu

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed more than how we interact at the R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum. It has also changed operations in the archives. Protocols have been set in place to keep returning staff safe. The question on everyone’s minds is, “When will we open?” That depends on the virus, the resources to implement our plan, and keeping the public safe. Researchers still contact the archives by phone and email. They, too, have been influenced by the pandemic.

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Archivists hate when their records are wrong, but they also love to correct them. That’s what happened this week. A researcher recently emailed to say that one of our photos on R.J. Haney Heritage Village website had names mixed up. “Your photo,” Doug Mobley wrote, “catalogue number 1987.0156.0014 is described as: Bedford Family at home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bedford with children baby Victor, Doug, Margaret, Albert and Charles Jr. on his Dad's knee.”...

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